Preparation of the annual budget begins approximately nine months prior to the start of the fiscal year with the development of the budget calendar. The budget calendar provides projected dates and items that must be completed to meet the mandatory budget adoption.

The budget calendar is updated and revised to reflect new challenges or requests as the budget process moves forward. It is a primary communication tool of the process. Every effort is made to ensure stakeholders are aware of budget deadlines and time frames.

Budget Calendar FY2019-20

October 29-November 9: Finance conducts pre-budget consultation meetings with all departments
November 1: Non-County Agencies begin preparing applications for funding
November 13: Budget Manual sent to departments. MUNIS is open for departments to “clean up” rolled detail records.
November 27: County Manager’s “kickoff” meeting with departments on the FY19‐20 budget process
November 27-January 25: Departments enter FY19-20 budget requests into financial system, complete required and optional forms if necessary.

Planning meeting with Board of Commissioners on priority setting
January 25: Department budget entry ends. All budget requests must be entered into financial system and required/optional forms and fee schedules sent to Finance. *Consulting forms in support of new programs or policies should not be submitted at this time.
January 31: Non-County Agency Funding applications due
February 8-March 27: Non-County Agency Funding Committee deliberations
Mid-February: Departments submit consulting forms for new programs and policies
Late February: ITGC and CIP Committee recommendations due
March 8: County Managers hold joint meeting with all departments to discuss strategic initiatives for FY19‐20 budget
March 27: Non-County Agency Funding Committee Recommendations presented
End March-Early May: Budget Work Sessions with Board of Commissioners
May 16: FY19‐20 Recommended Budget informally presented to Board of Commissioners
May 20: FY19‐20 Recommended Budget formally presented to Board of Commissioners
June 3: Public Hearing on FY19‐20 Recommended Budget
June 17: Adopt FY19‐20 Budget

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