New Hanover County has contracted with Bordeaux Construction Company (the “CM”), to provide Construction Manager at Risk services. Copies of the subcontractor Prequalification Application and preliminary Construction Documents shall be available after March 18, 2019.

Prequal Coordinator: Rachel Sayre –


Submit Prequalifications to:

The prequalification and bid phase schedule is:

Outreach Session                                                               April 3, 2019 – 3:00pm

Prequalifications due                                                         April 15, 2019 – 4:00pm

Notify qualified subcontractors                                         April 29, 2019

Issue bid sets and advertise                                               May, 2019

Receive Bids                                                                       June, 2019

Anticipated NTP                                                                 July, 2019

The CM and New Hanover County or its agent may revise this schedule as necessary.

The Prequalification Application is available at the following locations during normal business hours and up to

24 hours prior to prequalification due date & time: Rachel Sayre at

Other locations where solicitation will be posted are as follows:

NC Interactive Purchasing online

Carolinas A.G.C./iSqFt® Digital Plan Room online on iSqFt® CDC News Office online

McGraw Hill Construction Dodge Digital Plan Room online

Reed Construction Data online

Hispanic Contractors Association of the Carolinas online

Bid Clerk

Wilmington Star News

News and Observer Newspaper

Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses

United Minority Contractors of North Carolina

A person who  is knowledgeable and duly authorized to attest  to the past and present operations of the Applicant and its policies must complete the application. The application must be executed by the preparer and at least one general partner, owner, principal, or executive officer of the firm who is authorized to commit the organization. Additional signatures are permissible on a separate sheet to be attached to the application.

The prequalification is divided into two sections. Part A; the Master Prequalification form is an annual submittal that must be provided once a year and filled out in its entirety. This form will expire on June 30th of each year and requires an update after July 1st. If any sections are not complete, then the prequal may be rejected.  A separate Part B: Project Specific Supplement is required for each specific project. Part A and Part B will be evaluated together for the specific project. Part B can only be used once a subcontractor has submitted a complete Part A: Master Prequalification package during the July 1 to June 30 fiscal year period of the project specific prequal advertisement.

All questions and  inquiries should be answered.   One  copy shall  be returned  to Construction Manager.

For Reference Only – Do Not Include in Return Prequalification Submittal

Disclaimers and general statements with global information are not acceptable. Any pages containing supplemental information and other documentation which the Applicant submits to ensure full disclosure should be attached to the application. Additional information not specifically requested may be submitted by the Applicant, but the CM and New Hanover County offer no guarantee the additional information will be reviewed and considered.

The Applicant must provide current, accurate, and complete information. Incomplete or inaccurate documentation may result in denial of prequalification. The CM and New Hanover County reserve the right to verify the information submitted by the organization, in any related documents, or by supplemental information or data as necessary. If it is determined that false or misleading information or data was submitted in conjunction with the application, New Hanover County may deny the prequalification, revoke previously granted approval, or, if an award has been made may terminate the contract.

All costs associated with the completion of the application shall be borne by the Applicant. The CM, New Hanover County or its agents shall not, in any event, be liable for any expense incurred by the organization in connection with the preparation, completion or submittal of the application.   The financial information submitted in conjunction with the Applicant’s application is considered confidential business information and will be afforded protection to the fullest extent permitted by law. New Hanover County shall not release the information except as may be required by access to public records law or court order.

The prequalification of a prospective bidder shall not limit or preclude the CM and New Hanover County from consideration of a prequalified firm’s responsibility or responsiveness in other factors that may be considered during bidding of the project.

The CM and New Hanover County and its consultant will review the responses and evaluate if the Applicant is qualified to perform the project. Evaluation will be based on all responses in the questionnaire along with any other factual information to determine if the Applicant is qualified and capable of performing the project. It is the policy of New Hanover County to let contracts for construction only to contractors that demonstrate that they are responsible and qualified contractors. Responsible contractors are those firms that have demonstrated that they are financially responsible, have experience suggesting that they have the ability to perform projects responsibly, have demonstrated that they are responsible employers, and have demonstrated that they have fair subcontractor relations, or that they perform all work with their own forces.

Once the review and evaluation are complete, the Applicant will be notified by email whether the prequalification has been approved or denied. Applicants denied prequalification status may submit a request for appeal in accordance with the Appeal Process Attachment to the Prequalification Process.  Only Applicants for whom the Prequalification Application has been approved will be permitted to submit a bid for the project.

Prequalification for Re-bids:

For any bid package not opened on bid day, a re-bid date will be established and re-advertised. Bids will be accepted from companies who have previously been prequalified for re-advertised bid package(s) whether they actually submitted a bid on the original bid date or not.  However, the prequalification submittal period will be reopened for re-advertised bid package(s) to allow additional companies to participate in the re-bid under the following process:

Within three calendar days of re-advertisement, company shall notify Construction Manager in writing of their intent to submit a prequalification and bid. Bid documents will then be made available for download while company is preparing prequalification form and shall submit prequalification form to the Construction Manager. Otherwise, company’s bid will not be accepted.

The appeal process for the re-bids will follow the same process as indicated in this form. In the event the company has not received notification of prequalification status by the re-bid date, the company will be allowed to submit a bid on the re-advertised bid package(s) subject to prequalification.

In the event the company is appealing a denial of re-bid prequalification by submitting a written appeal within three days of receipt of denial notification, the company will be allowed to submit a bid on the readvertised bid package(s) subject to the final decision of the appeal. If the company’s bid is opened prior to a final decision on the appeal and the bid is not the lowest responsive monetary bid for the readvertised bid package(s), the appeal shall be terminated and rendered moot.

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