Notary Public

Notice: Credit and Debit cards are accepted in all Register of Deeds departments with the exception of the Recording department.

For initial appointments, you are required to complete a Notary instruction class at your local community college, please contact them for further information.

For renewals you will not be notified when your commission is expiring, you should reapply approximately a month before your expiration date, for more information please refer to the North Carolina Secretary of State website.

When you have received your certification from the Notary Division of the Secretary of State’s office, you must come to the Register of Deeds office within 45 days to take your oath and sign the Notary book. You must bring your driver's license and the $10.00 fee. If you do not take your oath within 45 days, you will have to apply for your commission again. 

You can take your oaths at either the downtown location or the satellite office and no appointment is necessary.

If you change your name or address during the life of your commission, you must notify the Notary division of the Secretary of State’s office by certified or registered letter within 45 days.